Monday, October 20, 2008

Golf is a Journey

Well, the season here in Ohio is slowly coming to an end and I feel like I left some strokes out there on the course. Of course they were all good strokes because I certainly had my fair share of bad ones. As this season winds down, I think back to all the busy days at the driving range working on my swing and many other swings. What a blessing to have the opportunity to share swing thoughts and life thoughts with so many people.

When I was ten years old I knew what I wanted to do with my life and I have been able to pursue that dream thanks to all of those folks who have trusted me with one of their most precious possessions, their golf swings. I have to tell you it is always a learning experience on the practice tee, whether it is by myself or with my students. My favorite Instructor, Jim Flick once said that if you are not constantly learning then you are doing an injustice to yourself and your students.

I am always excited when I see the lights come on for my students and it is always such a rush when I know that one of my students has just said or done something that I learned from. Yes, I learn from my students all the time because I have an open mind and I am searching for all the answers that I can find. Golf is as I like to say “a journey well worth taking” and while I am on that journey I might as well explore as much as I can.

It is hard for me to believe that I have now played this game for almost 50 years; I must say that I love to be able to say that. I am a pretty adequate player of the game, but still not as good as I would like to be and certainly not as good as I could be. I have hit thousands of golf balls and played thousands of holes and still I seek what I can not find – “perfection”. I guess the reason I bring that up is to encourage my students to know that; “things take time”, but if you truly want to get there you can. Remember – “Golf is a Journey, Vegas is a destination”. We live in the greatest country in the world one that encourages each of us to try our best and achieve our goals, I still believe that whatever you want you can achieve.

As winter approaches, I will try to be a little more efficient about writing some instructional items for my blog. I should have some more time now that I won’t be teaching everyday. I do hope however, to continue teaching throughout the winter months and I am currently looking for an inside studio type setting to teach in. I now have some new equipment to use that would be fantastic for a studio type setting. I am using Digital Pro Golf ( as my video teaching aid and have a new computer to be able to show you your swing compared with Tour Players, it allows me to break the swing down frame by frame. If you have never been in a video lesson, you really need to try it, video really helps.

I am working on a couple of swing aids as we speak and a putting tool to help you learn a better stroke. I hope to have some info posted on my blog about those items soon. I sell Rife Putters and Golf Logix GPS systems and would be more than happy to try and help you locate things that are of interest to you in the game of golf should you need me. I sell gift cards for lessons all year long.

Thanks again for reading my blog. Please feel free to drop me a note via email anytime. I look forward to helping you with your golf game in anyway I can. I could even be coerced into playing on occasion. See you next month when I will get back to some instructional thoughts.

Good Golfing


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