Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Glad to see the weather break even if it is for a short while. We can now look forward to the days ahead and know that golf beckons from just around the corner. The Masters is a mere 2 months away and for us fans of Tiger Woods, that means we can all rejoice because he is suppose to be back on the links in time for that event. By the way, I guess there is a new heir to the thrown as of a couple of days ago, Little Tiger. Congrats to the Woods family.

It has been a long winter, with any luck it will now be a long spring and summer so that we can play plenty of golf. I have decided to branch out from just teaching this year and offer many different options for your liking. I will be greatly more involved in the club repair business this year and I will be mobile to do so. I will be offering club repair to your door, club or wherever you deem it necessary. I picked up a van over the winter and have decided to run club repair out of it, picking up equipment and delivering when finished, or even doing it while you wait in some cases. I have been involved in the club making and repair business for many years now and like the feeling of accomplishment I get from completing the job and getting the club in your hands as fast and conveniently as possible. Please keep me in mind for all your club repairs, it is a great time to get your clubs re gripped and with the economy and the job situation it may be a year to repair versus purchase new.

I will be changing the lesson offerings this year as well. I will be offering what I call an introductory lesson which includes: club fitting and specs recommendations and a lesson. It will be a one time only lesson because once we know we have the right fit club in our hands, the rest is up to putting the clubs to good use. I will also offer an on course or playing lesson which will include: a written evaluation of what we need to work on, the knowledge gained from our on course evaluation, a lesson plan layout, club fitting and your first lesson back at the driving range. I will continue to offer the same lesson formats as last year if you feel you do not need the above programs, however, I highly recommend that you consider these programs. Club fitting is an essential in helping you become a better golfer. I can explain to you just how important and why at anytime, just call me or email me.

I look forward to seeing you all on the fairways of the world, mostly Columbus of course. I wish everyone a fantastic year on the links and hope we all can overcome our obstacles in every way in the year ahead. Please call me if I can be of any assistance to you, I am able to find equipment for you, set up events for you or your company and of course instruct you on how to be a better golfer. I have some nice new ideas for this year and look forward to working with you.

Best of Luck

Good Golf


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