Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A Whole New Thing

For those who do not know it yet I bought a little golf shop inside the Dome on Broad Street. I have been in business now since April of 2012 and having a blast, it is so nice to wake up in the morning and look forward to going to work. 

I am still teaching, but I am now once again fitting clubs, repairing clubs and selling golf equipment. If you need anything golf related give me a call, (614-755-7790) or come and see me at 5000 East Broad Street.

— ULTIMATE GOLF --- Formerly "Lotus Golf" A Golf Digest Top 100 Club Fitter

What gained us the "Top 100 Club Fitter" Award was Lloyd Hackman's invention called the "Fit Chip." Essentially, where most club fitters are measuring swing speed and basing their shaft recommendations on purely speed, the Fit Chip works more on your "swing timing" which is kind of like your swings fingerprint, it's your movement and it has to do with how you load the shaft and unload it.
The Fit Chip is our major way that we prefer to fit but not our only way, we also do some old fashion club fitting for lie angles and lengths. We strongly believe in the reality fitting or seeing the results in person instead of on a monitor or computer screen. We will fit to your CPM reading and give you a club with those numbers so that you can see the results before we build it for you, THAT by the way is what we do differently then others as well, we build the exact club to your specs.

  Tour Exotics

Tour Exotics, Adams Golf, Alpha and Geek Golf are a few of our club choices.We can get just about anything you could want, but we are very pleased with these Companies because they are working with us to supply you with the correct shaft when you order your clubs. We can tell these companies what we want CPM wise and they will do it for us. We are a custom club facility, but it is really nice to work with others whom appreciate what our customers expect when they buy a set of clubs.

Come visit me at the Dome at Four Seasons Golf Center, The Only indoor range where you can see actual ball flight and not have to fight the elements.


Chuck Mayhew

Owner and Lifetime PGA Member

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