Sunday, June 27, 2010


I thought it might be fun to write an article that spoke to the great things that have happened in my life recently and at the same time poke a little fun at the individual most responsible for that change and at the same time talk about a swing aid that I created to help this individual improve his golf game. Wow, that was a long sentence, but spoken just the way I wanted it to be.

About six weeks ago I stared on a program with a local chiropractor I met in the spring of 2009 while doing Demo Days for Taylor Made Golf. When I first met Ryan he was just beginning his business and searching for a way to introduce people to what he had to offer. The first day we met we struck up an interest in each others business as we shared an interest in how good body alignment and proper usage of the body can make a better golfer and a healthier golfer. It helped that Ryan was also an avid golfer and I had experience in just how helpful correct alignment was to making golf a more fun game to play.

Long story made short, we kept in touch and this spring decided to try each others services out, Ryan taking golf lessons and me getting chiropractic treatments and advice on controlling my diet. I have to tell you that last winter was a very difficult time for me and I was in a funk like I had never been in before, my weight had gone to 250 and I was just one depressed guy. Sometime in April my neck and shoulder were bothering me so bad that I called Ryan up and we scheduled an appointment. We had been talking about doing a cleansing or de-tox and decided to do it and a manipulation at the same time.

I can sit here today writing this piece and tell you that my life has been changed dramatically. I know it sounds crazy, but within two days of starting the body cleanse, I was feeling great, still had all the negative thoughts going through my mind, but they weren’t defeating me any longer. Within one appointment with Doc and getting my mis-alignments worked on, my golf game made a big change. I am on a program with Ryan of corrective care and working my way through maintenance to keep the alignment I have. As I mentioned earlier, I had experience with Chiropractic treatment at an earlier age and knew it could have a huge influence on the ability to swing the club properly, so I really wasn’t a convert, but the manipulation and cleanse just gave me so much more energy and a good feeling. I have lost around 20 pounds, but the positive feeling has helped more then I ever could have imagined.

Ryan became a student of mine at the same time we started the cleanse together and as time went on I had a guilt complex going, as I could not seem to give him the same experience of learning golf as I had in the feeling better and playing better. He had one really bad move that he made and I could not get him to correct it. Well, they say “necessity is the Mother of Invention” and because I am always trying to find ways to make golf easier for my students, I set about trying to find a full proof method for Ryan to learn this move. This past weekend we tried the Swing Aid out and so far it is a big hit. I told Ryan I would name it The Zullo Special if it ever got famous.

My goal for life is to try and help others in any way I can, my specialty is golf. When I can make someone happy by playing and understanding this great game a little better I get a rush that is hard to explain. I absolutely love to play this game and have been fortunate enough to have played it well most of my life, and Ryan and his Partner: Dr. John Moore have been an integral part of giving me back a missing piece of my being.

I hope that you will take time to make an appointment for a golf lesson and when there ask me why I think it is important to get a check up to see if you are in good alignment. It is so great to feel good again.

By the way, my swing aid is available for viewing anytime, get it before it gets patented, I mean once The Zullo Special is on the market it will be more expensive (ha ha) and besides you can say you had the prototype before it even had a patent.

Dr. Ryan Zullo and Dr. John Moore at Amerihealth Chiropractic come very highly recommended by this Golf Professional. Tell them Chuck sent you.

Good Golfing

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