Monday, July 5, 2010

Double Barrel Golf

If you have ever heard the expression "swing in a barrel", this little grouping of pictures shows that there is actually two barrels, one at your hips to feel the pivoting of the hips, as shown below by the red lines and a barrel tilted away from the target encasing your upper torso, as shown by the yellow lines in this group of pictures.

The hips will turn roughly 45* on the takeaway (pivoting is the key - not sliding), as we turn back into the ball they will release and turn fully into the shot at impact, ideally with your belt buckle facing the target or as close to it as you can. Notice that my hips have not slid forward at impact, but have actually turned out of the way. The hips have turned as if they were in a bucket, not rocking back in forth. 

Meanwhile, the upper torso started with a tilt away from the target, why you might ask. My right hand is lower on the club then my left and therefore should naturally accommodate an upper body tilt away from the target. The majority of great players out there on tour will have that tilt, check it out the next time you watch them on tv.

The upper body tilt is maintained throughout the golf swing as you can see. To me the difference that I see in the good players and the poor ones is how the upper body moves back in forth for the average golfer and is rock steady for the good players. The next time you go to the range and hit balls, stop at the top of your swing and ask yourself a question; am I leaning into my shot at the top or am i staying behind the ball?  If you are leaning in to your shot you are swinging very steeply and hitting a wide variety of shots, left, right, high, low, slice and hook all caused by the same problem.

To get the correct feeling of the upper body motion, stand with your back to the wall and reach back with your left hand and try to palm the wall. If you notice you are tilting away from the target as you go back. Now try the same drill but slide your hips to the right as you do it, you can't reach the wall if you slide that hip, that is the second part of the equation,
"NO SLIDE THE HIPS" because when you do you tilt towards the target.

For a hands on explanation of this principle, call me anytime at 218-9405 and set up a lesson time.

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